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The Long Way Home    by Robin Pilcher order for
Long Way Home
by Robin Pilcher
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Claire Barclay grew up in England. Her father died when she was a young girl and Claire and her mother lived alone until the latter met and married Leo Harrison. They left their small home behind and moved to Scotland where Leo had a mansion on an estate in the country. Claire loved her new home and Leo, but her stepsister Charity and stepbrother Marcus made life difficult for her. They resented the love that Claire and Leo had for each other so Claire made friends with Jonas Fairweather, the son of the estate keeper, who also was a target of the Harrison children's cruelty. Claire and Jonas became inseparable.

Now, years later, Claire is living in New York City with her husband Art and daughter Violet. They own and operate a successful restaurant and are hoping to expand to another location. Claire's mother has passed away, and she has received news that Leo, her much loved stepfather, has had a stroke. Claire leaves New York for Scotland, to help Leo recuperate. Claire wants Leo to remain in his own home as long as possible, so Art has come up with the idea of buying the family home, turning it into a conference center, and building a bungalow on the grounds for Leo. But Marcus and Charity have made it known they want the house sold and their father put in a nursing home.

Jonas Fairweather, over the years, has become a close friend and confidant to Leo, helping him with his paperwork and banking. Jonas has suggested a public auction to sell the home to raise the money for Leo's care. Leo quickly agrees, but Claire feels Jonas has an ulterior motive for his own gain. Claire has not seen Jonas since their teens when Jonas insisted their close relationship was over. Heartbroken, Claire left Scotland to travel the world and eventually marry Art. Now Claire feels she has unfinished business with Jonas.

Charity and Marcus circle like vultures, only interested in the profit they will make if the house is sold. Jonas does have a motive, but it is not for himself. He is out to prove to Leo that his children have woven a web of deceit to fulfill their appetite for greed. When everything comes to light Claire discovers why Jonas ended their relationship so abruptly. The Long Way Home is a story of family, and the love, lies,and secrets that bind everyone together. It's a satisfying, refreshing read.

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