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Fly Free!    by Roseanne Thong order for
Fly Free!
by Roseanne Thong
Order:  USA  Can
Boyds Mills Press, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

My name is Mai and I live in Vietnam. I often go to a temple in the area where I live, where I can feed some birds which are kept in a cage. I have small bowls of seeds and water that I slip into the birds' cage.

I would love to see the birds set loose but I don't have enough money to buy their freedom. In my culture it is the Buddhist way to good deeds. I often say to myself when I feed the birds, 'Fly free, fly free, in the sky so blue. When you do a good deed it will come back to you.'

My story explains how a series of good acts, performed by a number of people, eventually do come back and result in these caged birds finally being released.

It's an interesting story that involves a girl giving her slippers away, a wagon driver offering an old woman a ride, and a monk helping a boy who is ill. When all these good deeds were passed from one person to another, they made a full circle of kindness and returned to the starting point at the temple. And, as you will see, the caged birds were finally able to fly free as I had hoped.

The illustrations that accompany my story are really special. The artist used watercolor on wood which resulted in a very interesting texture. If you are six or seven years of age, I think you'll really enjoy reading this book and seeing how powerful good deeds can be.

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