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Nowhere to Run: A Joe Pickett Novel    by C. J. Box order for
Nowhere to Run
by C. J. Box
Order:  USA  Can
Putnam, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Tim Davis

Fans of C. J. Box's novels will not be disappointed in Nowhere to Run, the latest in the justifiably popular Joe Pickett series. When the exciting action begins, Pickett - now a slightly older Wyoming game warden who might be getting closer to retirement - goes alone into the Sierra Madre mountains, intent upon finding clues about a rumored poacher who apparently cares little about the government's fish-and-game regulations. Pickett's accidental encounter with a 'person of interest' deteriorates suddenly into a terrifying battle against some rather grim, reclusive survivalists with murderous attitudes.

Then - because of other people's interest in the so-called government man's encounters with mysterious people in the mountains - Pickett, while reevaluating what had been his 'sudden unwelcome descent into brutality,' begins to put the pieces of a puzzle together. And he reaches a compelling conclusion: he must return to the mountains and take care of unfinished business, especially as it might involve the rescue of a young woman who might also be in danger because of the bloodthirsty survivalists. But, to further complicate matters, Pickett realizes that 'greed and corruption', because of business and political interests, are at the festering root of why the survivalists and the young woman must be found and confronted.

If I were to offer any more of a preview, it would deprive readers of a tremendous adventure, Instead, I would simply offer this: As another reviewer has elsewhere astutely noted, 'Nowhere to Run ranks with Box's best books' (Booklist). Well, I would be willing to go a step further: the tenth Joe Pickett thriller, without a doubt, is the author's absolute best. Intense, dark, and powerful, the most highly recommended Nowhere to Run is a harrowing tale driven by provocative themes, exquisite characterizations, and a first-rate plot. Don't miss this one!

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