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Going, Gone: A Gail McCarthy Mystery    by Laura Crum order for
Going, Gone
by Laura Crum
Order:  USA  Can
Perseverance Press, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Horse vet Gail McCarthy's ex-boyfriend Lonny is arrested for a double murder. Unbelievable. Gail is certain the man isn't capable of murder.

Gail, her husband Blue, and son Mac travel to the back country of California for a much needed rest. They trailer their three horses as well as their newly purchased camper to stay on Lonny's property where there is a corral for the horses and a swimming hole for the humans. There's nothing around them except Lonny's house along with mountains and trails and beautiful scenery.

A neighbor's house is burned to the ground with its occupants trapped inside. Now we're really getting serious. If you have read any of author Laura Crum's previous novels, you know that Gail cannot leave well enough alone. This leads her to a scramble through woods and hills at the finale which is really most of the action in the book.

I enjoyed Crum's gorgeous descriptions of the flora and fauna surrounding the place of the murders. She surely has a handle on the flowers and trees and her take on the scenery was wonderful. Although I was disappointed that more of the mystery wasn't apparent. I guess it was just a little too much of a good thing.

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