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Love In Mid Air    by Kim Wright order for
Love In Mid Air
by Kim Wright
Order:  USA  Can
Grand Central, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Elyse Bearden is a young married woman, mother to seven year old Tory. She has been married to Phil for ten years. Elyse designs and makes pottery from a business that she operates out of the family garage. They live in an affluent nighbourhood of Charlotte, North Carolina. From the outside their life seems perfect, but there are cracks in its foundations.

Elyse belongs to a book club and a walking group, and she runs her home like a well oiled machine. She bakes and decorates for all occasions, but feels the stirrings of discontent. Her best friend Kelly is envious of what Elyse has, and at times Kelly's life appeals to Elyse. Why does the grass always look greener on the other side?

One day while flying home from a pottery show in Phoenix, Elyse is asked to change seats on the plane. She meets Gerry, the handsome stranger beside her, and her life begins to change. A mutual attraction grows between them as they fall into an easy few hours of conversation. And so begins an affair of the heart. Elyse embarks on a relationship while trying to balance out her life in suburbia.

With her emotions in overdrive Elyse demands a divorce, but Phil suggests counseling to put their marriage back together. Confiding her news to a few friends, Elyse innocently begins to set a series of events into motion. Now these women question their own decisions on love, marriage, and freedom. Don't we all as woman ask if there is something more? As the relationship with Gerry begins to falter, Elyse must find her own path to happiness and decide her own destiny.

Love In Mid Air is an honest, intense, sometimes funny look at a modern day marriage struggling to survive. It's a very powerful read and a hit debut for Kim Wright.

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