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Humblebee Hunter    by Deborah Hopkinson & Jen Corace order for
Humblebee Hunter
by Deborah Hopkinson
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2010 (2010)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Although my first name is Henrietta, most people shorten it to Etta. Along with my brother and sisters, my parents and I live in Down, which is in Kent, England. You may have heard of my father, Charles Darwin, because he made some important scientific discoveries.

This story, though, is about when my father asked my brother and sisters if we wanted to help with what he called the Great Bee Experiment. Father wanted to see how many flowers a bumblebee visited in just sixty seconds. He took a few bees from our garden beehive, sprinkled flour on them so they would be easier to see and follow, and then set them loose.

As father watched his pocket watch, we followed our bees and kept track of every stop they made. You might not believe this, but my bee stopped so many times I almost lost count. Buzzing all over our flower garden, my bee landed on 21 plants in a minute. That may seem impossible but I was very careful to watch and keep the tally.

When you read my story you'll learn a little more about my famous father and you'll also see where that bee went on his flight around our garden. While he was collecting nectar to take back to his hive, that fuzzy little bee was doing something else too. He was pollinating the plants. You can ask your parents what that means and maybe they can explain it.

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