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False Convictions    by Tim Green order for
False Convictions
by Tim Green
Order:  USA  Can
Grand Central, 2010 (2010)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

This 3rd (after The Letter of the Law and Above the Law) in Tim Green's legal thriller series starring Dallas lawyer Casey Jordan also brings in another of his leads, former foreign correspondent Jake Carlson from American Outrage (Jake now works for American Sunday). Casey's usual investigator, ex-cop Josť O'Brien (with whom she had a developing relationship) has a low profile in this episode.

Casey and her associates run a legal clinic for women in Dallas. Casey's previous exploits involved successfully defending her law professor, who then turned out to be guilty; and going up against a corrupt US Senator. These adventures - and a film based on the first case - have earned her celebrity status with the media. Now Casey is made an offer she can't refuse by philanthropist billionaire Robert Graham - he will donate a million each year to her legal clinic if she agrees to take on high profile cases for his Freedom Project.

Graham asks Casey to go to Auburn, New York and work on an appeal of Dwayne Hubbard's 1989 conviction for the rape and brutal murder of a white girl - Dwayne's already spent twenty years in jail, and 'the Project is convinced he's completely innocent.' The trial took less than two days, the defendant's alibi wasn't checked properly, and there was no DNA testing. Looks like a slam dunk. Except that when Casey gets to Auburn, local authorities are more than uncooperative, evidence is missing, and it's clear there's been a cover-up.

Casey meets Jake when he interviews her for his show. He's also interviewed her billionaire boss, and Graham has aroused Jake's suspicions - the investigative reporter questions the mogul's motivations for involving Casey in Hubbard's case, and challenges her to do the same. Jake almost digs his own grave while delving into Graham's affairs and his shady connections. But, though Casey is attracted to Jake, she also distrusts him. She's committed to the Freedom Project work, and is also attracted to Robert Graham.

As always, Tim Green delivers a twisting, turning plot filled with action, surprises, and dark deeds motivated by power and money. Before it's all over, Casey is arrested, and she and Jake conspire to trap a true villain. As this story ends, Casey vows to 'settle down to a quiet legal practice, helping to serve up justice to the underprivileged, nothing more, nothing less'. Jake doesn't believe it - and neither does this reader, who looks forward to more of both Casey's and Jake's exploits in future thrillers.

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