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Milo Armadillo    by Jan Fearnley order for
Milo Armadillo
by Jan Fearnley
Order:  USA  Can
Candlewick, 2009 (2009)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

I'd like to share what happened to me on my last birthday. My parents asked me what I wanted and I said, 'I want a pink fluffy rabbit.' Now that's a pretty simple request but try as hard as they could, my mom and dad couldn't find a stuffed pink, fluffy bunny.

Then my Grandma had a brilliant idea. 'I'll make one,' she said. She took her needles and some fuzzy pink yarn and started knitting. Now that might sound like a pretty good idea, but what she created was something that looked more like an armadillo than a rabbit.

Well, that's how I ended up with Milo Armadillo. I didn't want to disappoint my grammy, so I said, 'He's great!' But, honestly, although he tried really hard to be my friend, Milo just wasn't the same as a pink fluffy bunny.

Unfortunately, Milo eventually realized he just didn't cut it as a replacement for a bunny and although he could do many clever things, he wasn't like the stuffed toys all my friends had. So one day he just decided to go back to my grammy and asked her to unravel him and try again to knit a real pink fluffy rabbit.

When I came home from school I was devastated to find out Milo had left. There was nobody to talk to or play with. I suddenly realized I had lost something very special and, even more important, I now knew I didn't really want a pink fluffy bunny. I wanted Milo!

I bet you are wondering what happened next. My mom said, 'Never mind, dear. Now you can have a pink fluffy rabbit.' That was not what I wanted to hear! I had to figure out a way of getting my pal back before he became unraveled and luckily I did. When you read my story you'll see how Milo and I were reunited.

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