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The Geezer in the Freezer    by Randall Wright & Thor Wickstrom order for
Geezer in the Freezer
by Randall Wright
Order:  USA  Can
Bloomsbury, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

On the cover of my picture book you'll see me opening the freezer in our basement and you won't believe what is inside. In fact, I didn't believe my eyes when I pulled back that big door to get some ice cream and, oh my, there was an old man all crammed up inside! Like, totally weird!

Who was this geezer in the freezer and how in heaven's name did he get here? That's a good question and one you'll get the answer to as you read my book. I won't spoil the story because it is really funny but I can tell you this; my Aunt May had a lot to do with how this poor, old fella ended up on ice.

If you like a story told in rhyme, I think you'll really like reading my book. It is very silly too and I think you'll laugh a lot. In fact, when I'm telling you this outrageous tale, I begin laughing out loud myself because I can't hold it in.

'That old laughin' burbled upward -
first it started with a grin.
Then it burst right out with hiccups
and I rolled upon the floor,
and I giggled and I snorted
til I couldn't laugh no more.

Thanks to Thor Wickstrom's really cool illustrations, you'll actually see me covering my mouth to hide a big grin. Then the next thing you'll see is me pounding on the floor and rolling on my back because I could not hold the laughter in any longer. I bet you might do the same thing as you read The Geezer in the Freezer!

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