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Intervention    by Terri Blackstock order for
by Terri Blackstock
Order:  USA  Can
Zondervan, 2009 (2009)
Hardcover, Softcover, CD
* *   Reviewed by Leslie McKee

Single mother Barbara Covington is struggling while doing her best for her children, fourteen year old Lance and eighteen year old Emily. At her wit's end over the latter's drug addiction, Barbara decides to send Emily to the Road Back Recovery Center. Interventionist Trish Massey is to accompany Emily on the journey from Missouri to Georgia. Barbara views this as Emily's last hope.

When Trish is found dead at the Atlanta airport, Detective Kent Harlan informs Barbara that Emily is missing and is wanted for questioning in Trish's murder. Barbara and Lance head to Atlanta, determined to prove Emily's innocence. After reading her journals and online posts, Barbara wonders if Emily could have been so desperate for drugs that she would have been driven to commit murder. Trusting God to lead her to the truth is Barbara's only option.

Drawing upon personal experience, Blackstone creates authentic characters who portray the devastating effects of addiction and the impact on the addict's family. Addiction is a societal epidemic, which makes this an appropriate read for teens and adults. The only unrealistic element is how Barbara seems to find out information and stay on pace with, if not ahead of, the police. Though it begins a bit slowly, the book quickly picks up and becomes difficult to put down. It is easy to see why Blackstock is a bestselling author.

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