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One True Bear    by Red Dewan order for
One True Bear
by Red Dewan
Order:  USA  Can
Walker, 2009 (2009)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Darcy Brewster is one brave bear. Resplendent in his red uniform and hat, Darcy volunteers for a very difficult assignment. None of the stuffed bears from Bear Force Headquarters has lasted long when sent to be Damian's One True Bear. The little boy is extremely hard on his toys and even the toughest and bravest bears don't make the grade.

Now it is Darcy's turn. Appealing to Damian's sense of fair play, Darcy begs the child not to pull his arms off. 'I need my arms to hug you. If you pull off my arms, how will I hold you at night and keep the bad dreams away?' he asks.

Using this approach of reasoning with the child when he abuses the bear, Darcy manages to survive in Damian's household. In fact, he even manages to prove he has the right stuffing when the boy finally becomes Damian's One True Bear.

As the child grows older, Darcy is forgotten. Swept under Damian's bed where he stays for years, the One True Bear is resurrected in a time of need. How and why that occurs shows that not only does Darcy have the right stuffing, but his Damian does also.

This would be an excellent story for a child age three and older who is exceptionally hard on his/her toys or tends to destroy his/her playthings. The message about caring for even an inanimate toy is quite clear and, hopefully, the child will understand that ownership comes with a few responsibilities.

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