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Quicksand: HIV/AIDS In Our Lives    by Anonymous order for
by Anonymous
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Candlewick, 2009 (2009)

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

The anonymous author of Quicksand: HIV/AIDS In Our Lives tells us in Why I Wrote This Book tells us that her brother-in-law had HIV/AIDS and that, though many 'think that AIDS isn't a big deal in America anymore', people continue to be diagnosed with it every day - and many 'still choose to keep their condition a secret.'

The book (a true story) is offered in the hope that it 'will inspire compassion for those who do not feel able to be vocal about their HIV status, respect for those who are brave enough to speak openly about this disease, and determination to change the world, so that one day, no person with HIV/AIDS will have to hide it ever again.'

The author explains what HIV is; the importance of T cells to the immune system; what AIDS is; what is known about the origins of the disease; the number of people afflicted worldwide; how the disease is (and is not) spread; and discusses treatment and side effects. She intersperses factual information with her brother-in-law's story and speaks of the ordeal that he and his family suffered after his diagnosis.

Quicksand is written in a matter of fact style, addressing questions that matter, like 'What can you do if someone at school says cruel things about a friend or family member with HIV/AIDS?' and 'When a family member dies of AIDS, why do some families not talk about it?', and dispelling common myths about the disease. The back of this excellent little book also offers online sources of further information.

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