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Dark Tiger: A Stoney Calhoun Novel    by William G. Tapply order for
Dark Tiger
by William G. Tapply
Order:  USA  Can
Minotaur, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Tim Davis

Here is the latest from William G. Tapply. He is a contributing editor to Field & Stream and the author of numerous books on fishing and wildlife, as well as more than two dozen novels, including twenty-four Brady Coyne novels and two previous books featuring Stoney Calhoun, the enigmatic man without a memory.

Seven years prior to the action in Dark Tiger, Stonewall Jackson (Stoney) Calhoun was struck by a lightning bolt, and the near-death experience left him without hearing in one ear and without any memory about his life prior to the lightning strike. For the past several years he has been a co-owner at Kate's Bait, Tackle, and Woolly Buggers Shop in Portland, Maine. Kate Balaban, his business partner, is also Stoney's lover, which becomes a heart-wrenching complication when the Man in the Suit shows up on Stoney's doorstep.

Because of Stoney's unremembered 'murky past' and his connections with the Man in the Suit, Stoney is coerced into leaving Portland - without giving the furious Kate any explanation - and going to work ostensibly as a fishing guide at Loon Lake Lodge, a remote, upscale resort near the Canadian border. As the Man in the Suit says, 'We've got something pretty urgent going on {at Loon Lake Lodge}, Stoney. Like I say, your country needs you.'

So, forced back into a dangerous, covert game involving national security, Stoney must leave Kate and go once again into harm's way where he is tasked with investigating the recent deaths of a man and a teenage girl. Almost immediately upon Stoney's arrival at Loon Lake Lodge, serious problems develop. Someone is murdered, someone is arrested, passions run high, and everyone seems determined to keep secrets.

Well, quicker than you can say densely plotted and wonderful characters, Dark Tiger and Stoney Calhoun will draw you into a superb combination of a beautiful setting and a pleasingly complex mystery. If you haven't previously read Tapply's mysteries, this is an excellent way to start catching up with all that you have missed.

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