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Mad Love Chase: Volume 1    by Kazusa Takashima order for
Mad Love Chase
by Kazusa Takashima
Order:  USA  Can
TOKYOPOP, 2009 (2009)
* * *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Mad Love Chase is the perfect title for Kazusa Takashima's wild high school comedy/fantasy shojo manga. The whole story is one mad chase over love (or lack thereof).

In order to escape his arranged marriage to someone he does not love, Demon Prince Kaito escapes with his pet cat Rebun to the human world, where they both turn human – Kaito into shrimpy high schooler Kujou and Rebun into sexy school nurse Haga. Kujou has changed appearances entirely, except for a tattoo on his back.

To bring him back, the Demon King sends three goons to the human world, one of whom, Taiki, ends up befriending Kujou. When the three do not complete their job in a timely manner, Kaito's fiancée Viita comes to do the job herself - becoming the tough guidance counselor Sugita. Sugita is constantly trying to get Kujou's shirt off, and Taiki is forever saving him and brining Kujou to Haga's office, which creates a delightful madcap comedy.

Takashima is a wonderful shojo artist, filling the pages with likeable characters (plenty of bishonen) and funny antics, but not much background to overpower the story. The characters are all fun and unique, but my favorite would have to be Taiki – he is sort of the dumb jock type, who is incredibly loyal to his best friend yet always finds himself in the midst of trouble.

Mad Love Chase is the perfect escapist read. In it, Kazusa Takashima has created a page-turning tale full of humor and action.

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