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The Last Summer of Her Other Life    by Jean Reynolds Page order for
Last Summer of Her Other Life
by Jean Reynolds Page
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2009 (2009)
Softcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Jules Fuller has returned to her childhood home in Ekron, North Carolina to care for her ailing mother. Marnee, who lives alone in the big house is dying from cancer. Jules has left behind her life in California, hoping to have time to think things over and decide what she wants for her future. At thirty-nine Jules finds herself single and pregnant. She knows her remaining days with her mother will be few and doesn't want to burden her with her news but Marnee suspects the truth and confides to Jules she is very happy that a new life will arrive soon after she is gone.

Jules is a teacher, and while she is back home she accepts a position at the local high school teaching drama classes. Shortly after Marnee has passed away, Jules arrives home to find two detectives waiting for her on the front step. They inform Jules that a boy from the school has reported to the police that she has had inappropriate sexual contact with him. Jules is shocked and soon is fighting to clear her name in a small town that believes the teenager.

Jules immediately calls for her older brother Lincoln to return from New York City and help her through this difficult time. Lincoln is fighting his own demons however, and is struggling after his life partner Tanner has walked out on him. To make things worse Lincoln has given in to his cravings again for a drink - but nothing will keep him from helping Jules. Sam, a high school boyfriend of Jules, is happy to help her out and contacts a friend and fellow lawyer to handle her case. Since Jules has arrived back home they have been seeing each other as friends but Sam would like nothing better than to start over with her. A third man, Walt, uncle to the young boy who has made the charges, surprises Jules with his kindness and insight.

As Jules does some investigating on her own into the life of the troubled teen, she is no longer filled with anger against him. Trying to help him becomes her main goal and she is shocked at what she uncovers. The Last Summer of Her Other Life is a story of strong family ties, friends who believe, and a journey of self discovery.

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