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Lulu the Big Little Chick    by Paulette Bogan order for
Lulu the Big Little Chick
by Paulette Bogan
Order:  USA  Can
Bloomsbury, 2009 (2009)
* * *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Lulu is really tired of being told she is TOO SMALL to do things. The tiny chicken is too little to lay eggs, climb the big fence or even play in the big field. Fed up with the situation, Lulu tells her mother, 'I am big and I am going far, far, far away!'

'Good-bye, Lulu,' her mother replies.

Off on her grand adventure, the little chicken is told that she is too little to 'hang around them' so she keeps going farther away from the barnyard.

Eventually, she is out in the forest with no pigs, cows, sheep or horses around. With a gulp, Lulu says in a very tiny voice, 'Uh-oh, I think I am far, far away now.' And she is!

When the adventurous chick hears 'Caw, caw, caw!' and sees a big shadow, she is afraid and feels very small indeed. Fortunately, her Momma chicken is close by and hurries to scoop her little chick up into her arms.

'Mamma, next time I go far, far away, I think I will take you with me,' says the relieved and happy runaway chicken.

If your preschooler is feeling it's time to fly the coop and is convinced he or she can handle some big kid adventures, read this story to the child. Independence is all fine and dandy but, as Lulu discovers, it doesn't hurt to take little steps and have a parent close by for support.

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