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How It Ends    by Laura Wiess order for
How It Ends
by Laura Wiess
Order:  USA  Can
MTV, 2009 (2009)
* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Hanna and her neighbor Helen are soulmates even though they are from different generations. Although they are not related, Hanna calls Helen Gran. Hanna grew up knowing that she had Gran to count on as well as her parents. Now a teenager, she hasn't time to see Helen often. Helen realizes she is sick and that she's told Hanna fairy tales about her past. She couldn't tell a young child the truth about her life, but now it is important for Hanna to know what happened.

Hanna is in love with Seth. As a sophomore, she planned ways to attract him and now she's his girl. Unfortunately their relationship is far from the perfect love match of which she dreamed. He's possessive and demanding of her while he flirts and cheats with other girls. She makes excuses for his treatment of her and holds on tighter.

When it's time to fulfill the school's community service requirement, Helen is terminally ill and unable to take care of herself. Hanna turns her community service into caring for Helen and helping Grandpa with the animals they've adopted.

Laura Wiess isn't afraid to shine the light on any subject past or present. Helen's life offers the opportunity to discuss horrendous things that happened to unsuspecting individuals who were only guilty of being poor and alone in the world. As she takes care of Helen, Hanna listens to an audiotape that she thinks is a recorded book. How it ends will keep readers up nights, just as it did Hanna.

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