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Science Matters: Achieving Scientific Literacy    by Robert M. Hazen & James Trefil order for
Science Matters
by Robert M. Hazen
Order:  USA  Can
Anchor, 2009 (2009)

* *   Reviewed by Deb Kincaid

'... fewer than 7 percent of American adults can be classed as scientifically literate,' say the authors of Science Matters: Achieving Scientific Literacy. And the authors aim to do their part in ramping up that percentage by means of books such as this one that make science tenets, principles, theorems, and laws understandable to all, not just scientists. Why?

Authors Hazen and Trefil feel that politically-relevant issues such as stem cells, global warming, and biotechnology require scientific literacy of citizens for good decision making. Today's decisions will likely affect generations to come.

Are you baffled by the relationship between electricity, magnetism, and radiation? Flummoxed by the terms quantum mechanics and nanotechnology? Confused by the whole wacky weather stuff? If you've ever thought molecular biology, quantum physics, and study of the cosmos were beyond your reach - and perhaps even irrelevant, you're mistaken. Science Matters opens up to us numerous fields of science, and explains our inseparableness from them.

A new addition to this revision of Science Matters is a chapter discussing biotechnology. Naturally, the topic of evolution carries over from the original version. One wonders if a later revision of Science Matters will address the significant evidence of design and intelligence in nature, which is even now prompting scientists to abandon evolutionary theory. Whatever the case, readers of Science Matters will more fully appreciate the interrelated dynamics of our universe.

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