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Scaredy Kat: Suddenly Supernatural #2    by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel order for
Scaredy Kat
by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
Order:  USA  Can
Little, Brown & Co., 2009 (2009)

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* *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Elizabeth Cody Kimmel's second Suddenly Supernatural adventure, Scaredy Kat, might be even more enjoyable than the first. Thirteen-year-old Kat is still coming into her psychic abilities, and is scared to death of the ghosts who now flock to her.

When she shoots a picture of the abandoned house in her neighborhood, she sees a boy staring out from an upstairs window. Intrigued, Kat enters the house where she meets the spirit of an angry old man. Also in the house is the boy, but he is the first spirit who cannot hear her. Feeling she cannot go to her mother with this, Kat enlists the help of her best friend Jac, who is excited to help Kat with her problems anything to get away from her own problem of telling her domineering mother she quit the cello for good.

Through some research, the two learn that a boy who lived in the house is in a coma after a hit and run accident. However, Kat must learn to face her fears if she is going to be of any help to the boy.

What is so great about Kimmel's writing is how real her characters are. Kat and Jac seem like true thirteen-year-old girls, not too old as in most books yet not too young as in some others. Both girls are very real, letting the reader instantly connect with them and both their normal and fantastic problems. Scaredy Kat also has some great messages about facing fears and growing up, mixed in with the engaging plot more proof that Kimmel really knows how to hook her target audience.

Elizabeth Cody Kimmel's Scaredy Kat is a great, quick read. It has just the right amount of scariness to it to keep middle-readers entertained while they also uncover some valuable lessons along with the characters.

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