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Hit and Run    by Lurlene McDaniel order for
Hit and Run
by Lurlene McDaniel
Order:  USA  Can
Laurel Leaf, 2009 (2007)
Hardcover, Paperback
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Laurie is excited when she is asked out by one of the school's most gifted athletes. Her mother is even more excited. A popular cheerleader when she went to high school, she can't understand why Laurie doesn't go out more. She says she only wants Laurie's happiness, but Laurie knows her mother can't understand how different they are.

The party isn't much fun for Laurie. Quin guzzles beer and ignores her. The date ends when Laurie refuses to join Quin in the backseat of his mother's black SUV. On the way home on an icy road Quin hits a deer. He checks the car damage but refuses to allow Laurie to call 911. He asks her to keep the accident a secret.

Even when she learns that a fellow student is missing, Laurie doesn't relate her absence to their accident. What was an accident turns into so much more when the cover up begins.

This short book deals with life and death, right and wrong, and the consequences of decisions made in haste.

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