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No Survivors: An Accident Man Novel    by Tom Cain order for
No Survivors
by Tom Cain
Order:  USA  Can
Viking, 2009 (2009)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Tim Davis

To risk an understatement, readers deserve to know that Samuel Carver is back in action in Tom Cain's latest high-octane action-hero novel, No Survivors. As a hyperactive fellow who is hired by self-appointed moral guardians in an immoral world to make bad things happen to bad people, Carver lives his life in a 'world of compromise, betrayal, and unpredictable behavior.'

When No Survivors opens, Carver is confined (for the time being) to a hospital where his mind and body are still recovering from all the unpleasant, death-defying challenges that he confronted in The Accident Man (the first in Cain's two novel series). Alexandra Petrova (Carver's former rival but current romantic interest) remains at his side in the Swiss medical facility, but she is suddenly off on a covert mission ordered by her Russian employers.

Alexandra must pose as an executive assistant and infiltrate an organization headed by a retired lieutenant general named Kurt Vermulen, a man obsessed with taking action against Islamic terrorism. Vermulen is allied with another powerful man, Waylon McCabe - someone Carver thought he had eliminated five years earlier in an aircraft mishap - and McCabe has a special, religiously motivated interest in Islam.

As Alexandra becomes more deeply enmeshed in Vermulen's organization, and as the dangers exponentially escalate, Carver finds himself involved in the action. Of course, with Carver involved - as noted at the outset of these comments - bad things happen to bad people. Carver's challenge is simple: avert a disaster of unimaginable proportions and consequences.

Well, to offer any further comments about the character and plot would necessarily require too many spoilers. So, here is the bottom line: If you're looking for supersonic excitement in an action-packed adventure novel, make sure you fasten your seat belt and prepare yourself for quite a ride in No Survivors. Warning: You may want to have easy access to a parachute.

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