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Above the Law
by Tim Green
Order:  USA  Can
Grand Central, 2009 (2009)
Hardcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Tim Green, author of poignant, fast-paced thrillers including The Fourth Perimeter, The Fifth Angel, The First 48, Exact Revenge (a Count of Monte Cristo remake), Kingdom Come (a modern Macbeth) and American Outrage, now brings his many fans Above the Law, starring Dallas lawyer Casey Jordan (also seen in The Letter of the Law).

The title refers to a Texas US Senator, Chase, a xenophobe who certainly seems to believe that he is above the law. He has local police Chief Gage in his pocket and acts accordingly, treating the illegal immigrants who work for him like slaves. When one of his workers, Elijandro 'Ellie' Torres, dies in a hunting accident, and Torres' wife Isodora is arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and separated from her baby, Isodora's cousin begs Casey Jordan to help her.

Casey and two associates run a legal clinic for women in a run-down Sunoco filling station. They're funded by donations raised by Casey's wealthy college friend Paige. Half Irish, half Mexican PI Josť O'Brien (a talented ex-cop from Dallas PD) works for the clinic for free. Casey and Josť have a developing relationship. Josť tells Casey of a corner of the county where Mexicans disappear on a regular basis. When Casey tries to help Isodora, she's informed that the young woman and her husband were drug dealers.

In parallel with Casey's attempts to help Isodora, readers are introduced to Elijandro's tough brother Teuch, a Latin King gangbanger seeking 'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.' Though his first attempt goes badly, Teuch is not to be deterred. And when Casey and Josť begin investigating the Senator's accident - and she initiates a civil case - Chase fights back with no holds barred (from slander to murder). But there's someone close to him who knows his secrets and wants to stop him.

Tim Green builds the momentum into an explosive climax in which both Casey and Josť, on the run from the law, face the bad guys up close and personal. All that saves them in their unequal battle with the rich and powerful is a shady connection from Josť's past. As always, Green delivers an engrossing thriller - based on horrors that are all too credible - in Above the Law.

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