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by Brian M. Wiprud
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Minotaur, 2009 (2009)

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* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Brian Wiprud, author of Feelers, has received accolades from such high-end authors as Lee Child, Janet Evanovich and T. Jefferson Parker and I echo their applause. He deserves any amount of praise for his ability to bring a little light into anyone's day. He surely does to mine.

Morty Martinez runs a home content removal business, cleaning out the homes and apartments of the lately deceased. He has discovered that often money is hidden in odd nooks and crannies of these domiciles and his signed contract states that he is now owner of all the contents, good or bad. He always has a lot of junk to get rid of, but more often or not finds money hidden under a mattress or behind wallpaper in a closet, or bills rolled up and placed in tin cans hidden under a couch. As happens in this story that Morty is telling in a letter to a priest. He outlines all his shortcomings of which there are many but also what he considers his fine points of which there aren't so many. All he wants is enough money to retire to a warm place and not have to work any more. He's a dreamer, don'tcha think?

The story heats up when word gets around his community of content removers (or feelers as they are known) that he has fallen on good times. Everyone wants a cut except for one man who considers the find his. The letter to the priest which is in essence Morty's confession grows longer and more intriguing. Action moves quickly through the plot as do unusual characters.

Wiprud is known for peopling his previous novels with good and bad players as well as endowing them with a good sense of humor that minimizes their actions. Pipsqueak, Stuffed, Crooked, Sleep with the Fishes and Tailed are past works of his that equal Feelers in enjoyment. Buyback is next, which I expect to be another surefire hit. This reviewer is eagerly awaiting its release.

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