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Your Child's Strengths: A Guide for Parents and Teachers    by Jenifer Fox order for
Your Child's Strengths
by Jenifer Fox
Order:  USA  Can
Penguin, 2009 (2008)
Hardcover, Softcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Michelle York

How do you inspire your teenage daughter into greatness when she’s pulling D's and forgets to take out the trash? What if your young son wants to play with dolls and sew while his father can't give up the idea that he should be kicking a football instead?

Well, you can start by reading a new book by education expert Jennifer Fox. Her book, Your Childs Strengths, published by Penguin, offers practical advice into what can seem like insurmountable problems.

Fox begins by talking how our culture can unwittingly focuses on children's weaknesses instead of their strengths: 'Weak lives begin in childhood, yet often the damage done then is subtle and doesn't show up until later in life, when many factors and events merge together to create feelings of uncertainty, a lack of creativity, a loss of direction, and an insatiable hunger for something more.'

The book is divided into three parts. Part One helps parents stop focusing on weakness. Part Two guides them to look for strengths. Part Three is a workbook so parents can hone what they've learned.

Fox is insightful and fills her book with personal anecdotes. One tells of how a parent became concerned that his son was playing with dolls. Little did the father know that his son's favorite game was crash scene, and that by taking home a doll from preschool, he was using his imagination to practicing emergency medicine. But once Fox had told him about his son's interest, she had to warn him not to stifle it by pushing him to become a doctor.

Your Child's Strengths shows how well-meaning parents can unwittingly push their children in the wrong direction, and it gives them the tools to change. It's a wonderful guide that is highly relevant in today's increasingly competitive culture.

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