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BC Mambo: Stone Rabbit #1    by Erik Craddock order for
BC Mambo
by Erik Craddock
Order:  USA  Can
Random House, 2009 (2009)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Erik Craddock's BC Mambo is the first in a new Stone Rabbit graphic novel series for young readers. It's packed with Stone Age action, modern irony and zany fun as its long-eared young antihero is propelled back in time - through a 'bottomless pit of doom' after a spillage of BBQ sauce - to fall into a relentless series of prehistoric predicaments.

First he's chased by toothy dinosaurs and swarmed by BC bugs, then he's briefly worshipped as a god (under a volcano of course) before being morphed into a hero by a small bunny's puppy eyes after all his worshippers are enslaved by an evil melonhead who plans 'to rule Pangaea with an iron fist'. The ingredient that's key to monstrous wee Willie's pernicious plan? BBQ sauce naturally and he wants the recipe!

Naturally the rabbit foils the Stone Age dictator, rescues the villagers (after another puppy eyes episode), evades the dinosaurs, and wends his way back to the future. This first Stone Rabbit episode offers crazy cartoon fun that young readers will relish (with or without the BBQ sauce).

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