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Saving Magic Places
by Emily Eve Weinstein
Order:  USA  Can
Beau Soleil, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

With her beautifully distinctive artwork, Weinstein presents readers with an illustrated story of how she and a small group of concerned friends and neighbours worked toward saving a local forest from demolition. In her introduction, Weinstein explains that in 2004 she'd been about to start on a new project when she learned that the very magic place she intended to showcase was going to be turned into a subdivision that would entail 'altering natural stream beds, cutting old growth forest, and destroying irreplaceable wildlife habitat'.

Determined not the let this happen, she and other concerned citizens got the word out and eventually grew to thousands whose dedication turned the tide and saved a magic place that meant so much to so many. Weinstein says that she hopes that her book of paintings and narrative 'inspire and encourage readers to work to save the natural beauty around them' as well as to 'recognise and join the universal desire to champion and protect our natural world'.

Saving Magic Places is a lovely combination of art and recollections that show how ordinary people can come together to make a difference, whether it's to save a hundred acres of pristine forest land, or a thousand. It's a story that's especially relevant as the global conscience becomes increasingly attuned to protecting, rather than destroying, the delicate habitats and landscapes of our planet. Weinstein's book is a one-of-a kind tribute to everyone who helped create the New Hope Creek Park Preserve.

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