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by Eleanor Davis
Order:  USA  Can
Little Lit Library, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Michelle York

Can a stinky little monster overcome his fear of a less-odorous little boy and make a new friend?

That's the question to be answered in Stinky, a new book by cartoonist Eleanor Davis. Stinky is a Toon Book, a recently launched series by the Little Lit Library. It looks and reads like a souped-up comic. The storylines have more staying power than traditional comics, which is essential for this series as it is designed for emerging readers. Anyone who has ever come within 50 feet of a 5-year-old knows they can wear out a DVD player watching their favorite movie over and over. Likewise with books.

In this story, a smelly little creature named Stinky has to learn to trust a little boy who wanders into his swamp. Inexplicably, the boy doesn't mind Stinky's pet frog, Wartbelly or his favorite snack of pickled onions. In return, Stinky learns to like the boy's favorite snack, apples. A friendship soon emerges from the muck.

Davis's drawings are stronger than her story, but her artwork is detailed and enchanting. It's enough to make little readers want to turn the pages over and over at least until Mom says it is bath time.

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