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The Prism of the Midnight Dawn: Princess Ai    by Christine Boylan, D. J. Milky & Misaho Kujiradou order for
Prism of the Midnight Dawn
by Christine Boylan
Order:  USA  Can
TOKYOPOP, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Tokyopop's Princess Ai franchise is still going strong with a new story arc released this month. Princess Ai: The Prism of the Midnight Dawn takes place a year after the original Princess Ai manga trilogy, but things have not settled down at all.

Princess Ai is back in Ai-Land where she is safe, but not necessarily happy. For the whole year she has been back, co-ruling with her brother Nora, Ai has not been able to compose one song. All of that changes when Nora tells her about the three prisms that let them communicate with the Other Side. Sir Edwin uses the Prism of the Midnight Dawn to arrange a concert simulcast on the Other Side. Ai's spirits lift only to be dashed when Sir Edwin and the prism disappear.

Against her brother's wishes, Ai returns to the Other Side accompanied by the Furies to search for Sir Edwin and the prism, and also to find Kent. Kent, now the lead singer of the most popular band, proves the easiest to find, but he has changed due the new HTA label and the strange new substance, tank. Princess Ai now must not only find the missing Sir Edwin and prism, but also get to the bottom of HTA and tank.

I really enjoyed this new installment in the Princess Ai saga. Misaho Kujiradou continues to be the main draw with his outstanding artwork, but Christine Boylan's writing of Stuart "D.J. Milky" Levy's story is clean, crisp, and highly engaging. Also, the story arc in The Prism of the Midnight Dawn seems to have even more layers to it than the original Princess Ai tale, creating a very intriguing read that will satisfy old fans and create new fans, too.

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