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I Know It's Over    by C. K. Kelly Martin order for
I Know It's Over
by C. K. Kelly Martin
Order:  USA  Can
Random House, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Nick Severson knows Shasha from school, but they aren't friends. When he runs into her at the mall, he is impressed with her honesty and lack of pretensions. He finds himself falling for her even though he doesn't want a serious relationship, just a carefree, unplanned summer.

Shasha is a rare kind of girl. She's always just herself - no acting, or flirting or pretending to be anyone other than who she is. Before Nick knows it, they are going together and that's even better than the easy summer he'd hoped for.

They see as much of each other as they can all summer and in the Fall things get really intense. Their relationship becomes sexual. Their first time is traumatic for both of them and their relationship almost ends there.

Not able to stay away from each other, they are soon a couple again. But not for long. Shasha breaks up with Nick. Her goal is to get into a good college and she needs fewer distractions and more time to study. Nick is devastated.

A short time later, Shasha shows up at his house to tell him she is pregnant. He is so shocked that his reaction is far from loving and supportive. He leaves her standing in the driveway while he drives away with his dad.

This touchingly sweet book, about a couple who have to face decisions they aren't ready to make, will leave you teary eyed. The start is a little slow, but keep reading. Nick and Sasha's story is worth it.

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