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Diary of a Dead Man    by Walter Krumm order for
Diary of a Dead Man
by Walter Krumm
Order:  USA  Can
Bridgeway, 2008 (2008)

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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Cameron Taylor decides he wants more from his life. Mid-life crisis? Whatever it is, his wife is not enough any more. He wants glamour and excitement. Thinking he is embarking on an illicit affair, he enters a hotel room with high expectations. What he finds instead is the dead body of the woman he has been corresponding with on the Internet. Good God! What does he do now?

What he does only solidifies the mess in which he has mired himself. When blackmail messages begin to appear on his email, he knows he is a doomed man. Too late, he realizes he has made the blunder of a lifetime from which he may never recover. The most frightening aspect of this disaster is not knowing with whom he is dealing. The anonymity of his adversaries generates a paranoia that consumes him.

The plot of The Diary of a Dead Man is fresh and up-to-date with the use of email as the catalyst. Tension mounts as Cameron digs himself further and further into trouble. He is a full-blown character, not just someone portrayed on paper. The reader can get inside his head and see just where he is coming from.

Not knowing who the bad guy is adds to the suspense. Many times in books, the reader shares the point of view of the perpetrators of crimes. Not so in this well-written tale. We must wait to find out until Cameron does. Diary of a Dead Man is a good read, indeed.

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