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The Book of One Hundred Truths    by Julie Schumacher order for
Book of One Hundred Truths
by Julie Schumacher
Order:  USA  Can
Yearling, 2008 (2006)
* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Twelve-year-old Thea Grumman tells lies. She can't seem to help herself. Before she leaves for her annual summer visit with Nenna and Granda in New Jersey, her mother gives her a book. It looks like a journal, but her mother calls it The Book of One Hundred Truths. She suggests that Thea list her truths while she is away.

Thea finds Nenna and Granda's house more filled up than usual, with most of her Grumman cousins, aunts and uncles visiting too. Thea is stuck in the attic bedroom with her seven year old cousin Jocelyn. She is also expected to babysit Jocelyn. Jocelyn is a skinny, anxious child with eczema. She's quiet, but observant. All she wants to do is spy on her aunts.

With nothing else to do, Thea finds herself riding all over Port Harbor with Jocelyn. Peddling around the small beach town on a three wheel bike with Jocelyn in a straw basket is not inconspicuous, but since Thea doesn't believe her aunts have a secret she doesn't think they'll mind being followed.

Schumacher has a gift for creating real families. The family members have engaging, but flawed personalities. Two mysteries taking place miles apart are brought to a satisfactory conclusion in The Book of One Hundred Truths.

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