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Big Words for Little People    by Jamie Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell order for
Big Words for Little People
by Jamie Lee Curtis
Order:  USA  Can
Joanna Cotler, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Daninhirsch

While there is no shortage of Hollywood celebrities who try their hand at children's book writing, I think it is safe to say that Jamie Lee Curtis is not simply an actor who has published a few children's books - she has carved out a genuine second career as a writer of high quality, highly entertaining children's books. (In fact, in a recent home viewing of Freaky Friday, my daughters asked me if the actor who played the mother was the same lady who writes books.)

We have devoured most of this talented writer-illustrator team's books for their simple yet subtle messages, fabulously whimsical and detailed artistry, and the sheer enjoyment factor. Another plus is that Curtis never talks down to her audience of preschoolers.

In the latest installment, Curtis introduces young children to some big words, using short rhymes accompanied by busy illustrations. The new vocabulary words are highlighted in colored ink. Here's an example:

'When you are at school and you get into trouble
For chewing your gum, then exploding a bubble,
and you stay inside when your friends get to play,
Your consequence is no recess that day.


'Mixing stuff up from the kitchen to drink
That looks really gross and has a big stink,
As our green-snotted brother's nose starts to get picked - "Disgusting!" you'd cry. (It means yucky and ick!)

Many other big words are defined and displayed in a fun manner. I strongly recommend Big Words for Little People - along with any of Curtis' other books - for a home library collection.

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