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Shoot the Lawyer Twice    by Michael Bowen order for
Shoot the Lawyer Twice
by Michael Bowen
Order:  USA  Can
Poisoned Pen, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Shoot the Lawyer Twice is Michael Bowen's fourth entry in his Rep and Melissa Pennyworth series, taking place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since Bowen is a trial lawyer, a lot of legalese is involved. So are quotes in Latin and from playwrights and poets of the past. As a reader, I feel I came up short on understanding everything this erudite lawyer/author has to say, but I sure did enjoy his mystery.

A frat boy finds himself in a peck of trouble when he attends a party on a yacht and tries a line on the hostess: 'Sex or swim'. The hostess chooses to swim. Not doing much for the ego, it also costs the young man a trial for piracy on Lake Michigan!

It gets better than that. An author of big-selling thrillers ties Rep up in a publicity scam. Melissa becomes enmeshed in political wars on campus (she is a professor) that escalate into burglary, forgery, jury tampering and murder. Can it get more convoluted than this? Sure! A murder victim is found in a confessional! Melissa's conscience comes into play when she decides a white lie might help them find a solution to these various crimes.

This series is highly entertaining. Though I wish I could understand more of their conversations with their peers, the discourse between Rep and Melissa is truly enjoyable. Note that the reason for the title is found in one of the chapter quotes.

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