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Where is Home, Little Pip?    by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman order for
Where is Home, Little Pip?
by Karma Wilson
Order:  USA  Can
Margaret K. McElderry, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Daninhirsch

If the author/illustrator team name sounds familiar, it's because they are the same team that has created the series of books featuring Bear and his friends (e.g. Bear Snores On and Bear Feels Scared). This new book about a lost penguin confirms the talent and versatility of these women.

In this touching and tender story, a little penguin named Pip is born to loving parents. Each night, Pip and her parents would huddle and sing:

'Our home is where the land is free
from hill or mountain, twig or tree,
in our pebbly nest by the stormy sea
where Mama and Papa and Pip
makes three.

Like all overprotective parents, Pip's constantly warn her to stay close to home, and usually, she listens. One day, though, Pip chases an airborne feather; when she finally catches up to it, she realizes she is lost. On her journey to find her parents, she meets other mother creatures, asking them if they know where home is. Each animal - including a whale, a gull and a sled dog - recites their own poetic version of home. With sadness, Pip sings aloud her family's song of home; the sound carries to her parents and they are reunited in a happy conclusion to the story.

The beautiful message, that home is where the heart is, is expressed in equally beautiful language and lush illustrations. Though the stark Antarctic landscape is depicted, a sense of familial warmth is reflected in the pages of Where is Home, Little Pip?

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