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Murder in Los Lobos: A Mystery on California's Central Coast    by Sue McGinty order for
Murder in Los Lobos
by Sue McGinty
Order:  USA  Can
Daniel & Daniel, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Murder in Los Lobos has an interesting protagonist - an obituary editor and former nun! Bella Kowalski, however, is more than that. She is an activist and not too popular in her California Central Coast town of Los Lobos. She objects to the town fathers approving the placement of a water treatment plant smack dab in the middle of a beautiful waterfront property.

Some residents think she doesn't want it there because her husband is in the business of cleaning out septic tanks. Far from it. She hates to see a lovely spot that so many people enjoy being used for such a mundane cause. That however is the least - at the moment - of her concerns. She barely escapes having her car pushed off a high cliff to rocks and ocean below. Matters escalate from there when she finds a body below where she might have landed.

Bella's husband Mike has a secret she's not too sure she wants to know. Her Golden Lab Sam deserts her for her nephew who comes to stay for the summer. Life has become not so easy and pleasant as she would like it to be. Murder in Los Lobos is Sue McGinty's first novel. Her short stories have been featured in three anthologies, and she's a welcome addition to the cozies scene.

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