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Sunday Soup    by Betty Rosbottom order for
Sunday Soup
by Betty Rosbottom
Order:  USA  Can
Chronicle, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Belle Dessler

In the interest of full disclosure, I need to begin this review with a confession: I don't actually like soup. The mere thought of soup conjures images of watery chicken noodle or simple stock. Not my idea of a filling, enticing meal.

My husband, on the other hand, could eat soup for lunch and dinner every day of the week, so I grabbed Sunday Soup with him in mind. I'd hoped to pick up a few recipes I could reuse on a regular basis. Imagine my surprise when I ended up not only adding a wealth of new recipes to my permanent collection, but also found a few favorites of my own.

It turns out I'd simply been eating the wrong kind of soup! With an enviable elegance, Rosbottom elevates soup to a whole new level, one where 'a soothing, flavorful bowl of spicy chilly, rich gumbo, blissful bisque or steaming chowder is always welcome.' My flurry of experiments with Sunday Soup started with an absolutely delectable 'Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup Under Cover'. A rich, hearty combination of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, it instantly changed my viewpoint on what makes a bowl of soup.

No longer bound by images of cold chicken noodle, I became even more adventurous. My family was treated to heaping servings of Shaker Summer Tomato, Celery and Corn Chowder, Summer Squash Minestrone with Pistou, Butternut Squash and Apple Soup with Cider Cream, and Spicy Pork Chili with Cumin Polenta.

Rosbottom's recipes aren't simple, but they are relatively painless to make. Her instructions are straightforward and easy to follow, which will lessen the intimidation factor for beginner cooks. Although a full-color picture does not accompany each recipe, the pictures that are provided are exceptional and help to enhance the mouthwatering titles and descriptions.

Whether you're a lifelong soup lover or a soup snob, Sunday Soup will ensure you never again look at an empty bowl without imagining the sumptuous treat that could fill it.

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