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Weather of Alberta    by Bill Hume order for
Weather of Alberta
by Bill Hume
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Lone Pine, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

The author of this marvellously informative book, Bill Hume, spent 35 years working for the federal government of Canada as a meteorologist, years that have given him extensive knowledge and experience in weather forecasting and all the variables that contribute to its changes.

He begins by pointing out that 'weather in Alberta covers the whole gamut, from sudden blizzards in August ... to monsoon like rains in June and tornadoes in July'. He also says, 'we love to discuss how the weather can change from one year to the next and even from day to day. As many Albertans will attest, "if you don't like the weather, just wait 15 minutes".'

Hume walks us through thirteen chapters of weather information specific to the province of Alberta. He begins by explaining all about atmospheric conditions, then moves on to clouds and their classifications and how precipitation is created. Chapter 4 looks at Atmospheric Electricity and the cloud electrification process. Next, he discusses Winds, from lake breezes and dust devils to a detailed accounting on the importance of the jet stream. In Chapter Six you'll learn about rainbows, ice crystals, mirages and various other optical phenomena. Chapter 7 takes an in-depth look at all the variables that control Alberta's climate. Next Hume discusses Storms, both summer and winter.

In the closing chapters he helps us understand weather observation, forecasting and weather modification as he takes a closer looks at efforts by insurance companies to suppress the severity of Alberta's frequent summer hailstorms. In the final two chapters he covers Air Quality and The Changing Atmosphere and in particular how global warming and the greenhouse gasses may affect Alberta weather in the near future.

Each chapter of this highly informative book is colour coded for easy reference, and also abundantly illustrated with brilliant colour photographs as well as graphs, charts and illustrations that will help everyone from amateur to layman gain a clearer understanding about the always-changing Weather of Alberta.

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