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Looking Closely inside the Garden    by Frank Serafini order for
Looking Closely inside the Garden
by Frank Serafini
Order:  USA  Can
Kids Can, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Deb Kincaid

Looking Closely inside the Garden is a well-written, exquisitely photographed book by teacher-photographer Frank Serafini. The author piques the child's interest with provocative questions ('What do you see? A pair of chopsticks? An alligator's nose? What could it be?')

He follows with a corresponding peephole page giving a glimpse of the surprise to come, and then, once the page is turned, reveals the accurate name and interesting facts about the Mormon cricket, for instance. On the facing page, a breathtaking, up-close photo of the insect completes the instruction. Serafini does the same with eight other gems of nature in this particular book of the Looking Closely series.

Frank Serafini, whose background is literacy education and children's literacy especially, is a university professor. He is also an accomplished photographer whose skills are well demonstrated in this Looking Closely series. Others of the series he's authored are: Looking Closely along the Shore, Looking Closely through the Forest, and Looking Closely across the Desert.

Kids Can Press, publisher of children's and young adult books, produces award winning books designed to foster a love of reading. What sets Kids Can Press apart is their expertise in inspiring social and environmental consciousness in a joyful way, at a level young kids can understand. Serafini's Looking Closely books are one such series children ages 4-7 will surely enjoy.

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