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Death's Half Acre    by Margaret Maron order for
Death's Half Acre
by Margaret Maron
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Colleton county's Board of commissioners chairperson, Candace Bradshaw, died in her brand new home with a plastic bag over her head. She left a suicide note that referred to favors she'd done for the local politicians of Colleton county. Deputy Dwight Bryant investigates and it soon becomes apparent that what looked like a suicide was murder.

His wife, Judge Deborah Knotts, is as interested in the case as anybody in the county but she tries to stay out of his investigations whenever she can. Not long ago the editor of the Dobbs' Newspaper died in a hit and run accident. Judge Deborah Knotts finds notes that indicate the editor may have planned to write a series on corrupt county politicians - and Deborah's name is on the list.

Deborah doesn't know what hanky-panky her daddy, an ex-bootlegger, used to pressure Republican G. Hooks Talbert into having her fill the district judge spot, which she later won in an election. Daddy's not likely to ever tell her, so her curiosity leads her smack into the middle of Dwight's ongoing investigation.

Margaret Maron has written another great mystery, set in North Carolina near the Raleigh/Durham area. She also focuses on the blight of uncontrolled building and the politics that allow it to happen.

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