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Contests for Adults For Younger Readers

Bestsellersworld Giveaway
Win The Dark Lake by Sarah Bailey (ends Oct 22, US, 16+).
Bolt Action Remedy Contest New contest
Win J.J. Hensley's mystery novel (ends Oct 31, US, 18+).
Bookbitch Contests
Chances to win 4 autographed thrillers (ends Oct 31, 18+).
BookReporter Fall Preview 2017 Giveaway
Check for 24-hour contests (ends Oct 31).
BookReporter Word of Mouth Contest New contest
The Rules of Magic, Uncommon Type (ends Oct 20).
A Casualty of War Contest
Win Charles Todd's latest (ends Oct 22, US, 16+).
Criminal Element Sweepstakes
Win crime fiction (ongoing).
Free Book Friday
Chance to win every Friday (weekly, US & CA).
Fresh Fiction Contests
Win a variety of books (ongoing).
Goodreads Giveaways
Win a variety of prerelease books.
History in Five Sweepstakes
Win a hardcover or signed edition book (monthly, 18+).
Lamentation Giveaway
Win Ken Scholes's Psalms of Isaac #1 (ends Oct 30, US & CA).
The Man in the Tree Contest New contest
Win Sage Walker's brilliant SF mystery (ends Oct 31, US, 18+).
Murder on the Orient Express Contest New contest
Chance to win the movie tie-in edition (ends Oct 31, US, 18+). Contest
Win books and audiobooks (ongoing).
Oathbringer Sweepstakes New contest
3rd in Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive (ends Oct 19, US & CA, not Quebec).
Penguin UK Competitions
Win books, trips, much more (ongoing, UK, 13+).
Playing to the Gods Contest New contest
The 5th & final Glass Thorns book (ends Oct 31, US, 18+).
Provenance Contest New contest
Chance to win Ann Leckie's Provenance (ends Oct 20, 18+).
Read It Forward Giveaway
Weekly chances to win books (ongoing, US, 18+).
Reader Views Contests
Win a variety of books (ongoing, US & CA, 18+).
Red Right Hand Giveaway
Win Levi Black's fantasy-horror novel (ends Oct 27, US & CA).
Sounding Off on Audio Contest New contest
The Rooster Bar, Origin (ends Nov 1).
Steal the Stars Giveaway
Win Mac Rogers' SF novel (ends Nov 7, US & CA).
Susan Elizabeth Phillips Contests
Win First Star I See Tonight (ends Oct 31).
Writerspace Contests
Win ebook readers, books, gift certificates, much more (ongoing).

For Younger Readers Contests for Adults
Epic Reads Contests
Win ARCs of various YA novels (ongoing).
James Patterson Contests
How to Be a Supervillain (ends Oct 17, US & CA, not Quebec, 13+).'s 20th Anniversary Giveaway New contest
Chance to win 20 YA novels (ends Nov 1, US & CA, not Quebec, 13+).
Weave a Circle Round Giveaway
Win Kari Maaren's YA novel (ends Oct 27, US & CA).