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Contests for Adults For Younger Readers

After Midnight Authors Contest
Win a choice of romances (monthly).
Ann Roth Contests
Subscribe, chance to win books (monthly).
Berkley Jove Contests
Fill in the form to win from a selection of books (monthly).
Bestsellersworld Contests
Win Jeff Abbott's Inside Man (ends Jul 24, US).
Bestsellersworld Contests New contest
Win Inside Man (ends Jul 25, US, 18+).
The Bone Seeker Contest New contest
Win M. J. McGrath's new Arctic mystery (ends Jul 31, US, 18+).
Bookbitch Contests
Chances to win 8 autographed thrillers (ends Jul 31, 18+). Contests
Win books in bi-weekly giveaways (ongoing, Can, not Quebec, 18+).
BookReporter Contests New contest
Win a variety of books each month.
BookReporter Summer Reading 2014
Different titles throughout the summer (ongoing).
BookReporter Word of Mouth Contests New contest
Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands, Landline, Wayfaring Stranger (ends Jul 25).
Carla Neggers Contests
Saint's Gate & Heron's Cove (ends Jul 31).
Carly's Contests
Win a $25 Amazon gift card (ongoing, US, 18+).
Catherine Anderson Contests
Win a romantic surprise (monthly).
Criminal Element Sweepstakes
Win crime fiction (ongoing).
Crown Publishing Read It Forward
Chance to win books (ongoing, US, 18+).
Eden in Winter Contest New contest
Win Richard North Patterson's new novel (ends Jul 31, US, 18+).
Elizabeth Lowell Contests
Win 2 romances every month (ongoing).
Eyes on You Contest New contest
Win Kate White's new mystery (ends Jul 31, US & Can, not Quebec, 18+).
Flight of the Golden Harp Contest New contest
Win Susan Klaus's romantic fantasy (ends Jul 31, US & Can, not Quebec, 18+).
Free Book Friday
Chance to win every Friday (weekly, US & Can).
Fresh Fiction Contests
Win a variety of books (ongoing).
Goodreads Giveaways
Win a variety of prerelease books.
Hachette Book Group USA Contests
Win a variety of books (ongoing).
HarperCollins Full Access Books
Read selected titles online for free (ongoing).
James Patterson Contests
Win Honeymoon, Second Honeymoon (ends Jul 23, US & Can, not Quebec, 13+).
Jayne Ann Krentz Contests
Win The Lost Night (signed) (ends Jul 31, US, 18+).
London Magazine Contest New contest
Win Mave Fellowes’ Chaplin and Company (ends Jul 31, UK only). Contest
Win books and audiobooks (ongoing).
NAL Authors Contests
Win from a selection of books (ongoing).
Nicole Jordan Contests
Lover Be Mine, earrings (ends Jul 31).
OnceWritten Contests
Lots of books, various genres (ongoing).
Penguin Giveaways
Win a variety of books (ongoing).
Prime Crime Contests
Win a selection of mysteries (ongoing, US, 18+).
Random House Canada Contests
Variety of books to be won (bi-weekly, Can, not Quebec, 18+).
Random House Competitions
Win books, trips, much more (ongoing, UK, 13+).
Reader Views Contests
Win a variety of books (ongoing, US & Can, 18+).
St. Martin's Read It First
Sign up, chance to win books (ongoing).
Susan Elizabeth Phillips Contests
Win an autographed backlist title (ends Jul 31).
Terminal Life Contest New contest
Win Richard Torregrossa's thriller (ends Jul 31, US, 18+).
Transworld Competitions
Win books, holidays and more throughout the year (UK & Ireland, 13+).
The Wet and the Dry Contest New contest
Win Lawrence Osborne's Drinker's Journey (ends Jul 31, US & Can, not Quebec, 18+).
Writerspace Contests
Win ebook readers, books, gift certificates, much more (ongoing).

For Younger Readers Contests for Adults
Our Canadian Girls Contest
Enter to win a complete set of this series (monthly).
SimonTeen Pulse IT
Write reviews to earn free books (14-18).
Zest Juicy Reads of the Month Contest New contest
Sticky Fingers: DIY Duct Tape Projects (ends Jul 31, US & Can).