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A Few Minutes With Linda Wisdom
e-interviewed by Martina Bexte (April, 2008)

Spring 2008 sees Sourcebooks officially tossing their hat into the romance ring with the debut of their Casablanca line. Whether you enjoy historical, contemporary, fantasy, paranormal or prefer curling up with a more sensual romance, Casablanca offers plenty of choice.

50 Ways to Hex Your LoverParanormal fans who enjoy a humorous twist to romance should give Linda Wisdom's 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover a try. The author has sold more than seventy novels since 1979, including traditional, paranormal, humorous, action/adventure and romantic suspense. She's a Charter member of the Romance Writers of America with over thirteen million copies sold. Her books have appeared on various romance and mass market bestseller lists and been nominated for Romantic Times awards and the coveted Romance Writers of America Rita Award.

Q: Was the decision to write a comedic paranormal romance a natural progression for you?

A: Very much a progression for me. I was told I'd be better off writing dark and gritty and I thought no way would my characters like that. I love writing paranormal. My first one came out in the late 80s and it was darker. But I really prefer writing comedy and these characters were the perfect start to my new series.

Q: You have quite the blend of supernatural characters in 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover. Besides Jazz and Nick, (a witch with attitude and her vampire enforcer boyfriend) which characters were the most challenging?

A: I don't think any of them were challenging, but I guess I'd say Dweezil, because Jazz has no clue what exactly he is other than totally cheap, and that he loves his collection of vintage erotica.

Q: Will Fluff and Puff (Jazz's bad boy bunny slippers) ever get their own series?

A: That would be good, wouldn't it? I did give them holiday short stories in my blog at my MySpace and they now have their own MySpace. They'll have their blog going this weekend!

Q: When can readers expect Jazz and Nick's next adventure?

A: In November with the next book in the series, Hex Appeal.

Q: Could you ever imagine yourself doing anything else but writing romances?

A: No. I've wanted to write every since I could remember and always made up stories. I'm doing exactly what I want and having a blast doing it.
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