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Saucy, Sizzling or Suspenseful
By Martina Bexte

Valentine's Day is designated for all things romantic and if you intend to spend some quiet hours snuggling up with a good romance novel while dipping into a fresh box of chocolates, you're in luck. There are still a few days left to round up one or two of these breezy, sexy or edge of your seat reads. They'll leave even love god Cupid grinning like a fool, blushing
redder than his toga or dodging flaming arrows and zinging bullets. The best part is, that after all the excitement, the girl ultimately gets the guy, no matter what.

Envy by Sandra Brown
Past and present meld in an intriguing tale that begins with envy, and progresses to murder, revenge, and ultimately, love for publisher, Maris Reid and a mysterious writer named P.M.E..

Going Overboard by Christina Skye
A working holiday on a luxury cruiseliner is the last place Carly Sullivan expects to find love - in between a bit of mayhem that is.

The Husband Test by Bettina Krahn
Nuns and dark knights don't mix - or do they? Here's an intriguing medieval delight with a twist ... the husband-to-be must pass a rigorous test.

My Heart Stood Still by Lynn Kurland
Ultimate nice guy, Thomas McKinnon is determined to win the woman of his dreams, even if she is a ghost.

Open Season by Linda Howard
On the morning of her thirtieth birthday, straight laced librarian, Daisy Minor, decides to make some big changes in her life, with funny results.

Over the Edge by Suzanne Brockmann
A hostage crisis in a hostile country demands SEAL Team Sixteen's full attention, but Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok and chopper pilot Teri Howe find time to fall in love in this complex, ultra-sizzling romantic adventure.

Passing Through Paradise by Susan Wiggs
Sandra Winslow and Mike Malloy have suffered their fair share of life's hard knocks and the last thing either of them wants is to fall in love. But their hearts overrule their logic in this wonderfully poignant romance.

Secret of the Wolf by Susan Krinard
Quentin Forster must face his tormented past and also the fact that he's a werewolf - the only one who can help him overcome his fears is the compassionate Dr. Johanna Schell.

Seduction in Death by J.D. Robb
Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her gorgeous, sexy husband Roarke are at it again, in the bedroom and in the gritty streets of a futuristic New York - hunting down cyber killers whose modus operandi is definitely not sweet.

True Confessions by Rachel Gibson
What's a freelance reporter to do when the target of one of her lurid tales is after her? She lays low in rural Idaho, where the air is squeaky clean, the streets are too darn dusty and the sheriff is the sexiest man standing upright.

A little bit of saucy, a good dose of sizzle or a heady dash of suspense - this tasty top ten blend offers something for everyone, and might just make you feel better than that heart-shaped box of Valentine chocolates. So kick off your fuzzy bunny slippers, settle back on the chaise lounge and start sampling!
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