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BookLoons Recommended Reads 2009
by Hilary Williamson

This morning, the great outdoors in the woods where I live was frosted a sparkling silver, spreading from the ground all the way up the bare tree branches, which looked ready and waiting for bows and baubles, gifts and garlands. While admiring this natural beauty, I was also reminded that the festive season's not far over the horizon - tempus fugit.

Time again for lists - to-do lists for holiday preparation and lists of presents for friends and family. Books make ideal gifts in these lean times. If you have readers to buy for, look over our recommendations below of the best of the year (limited to three per genre with the usual tearing of hair and personal bias). Note that they are mostly hardcovers - check out our Recommended Reads 2008 for excellent titles probably published in paperback in 2009.

Contemporary Fantasy Historical
South of Broad
The Wasted Vigil
Water, Stone, Heart
The Gathering Storm
Unseen Academicals
Across the Endless River
The Calligrapher's Daughter
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
Horror Literary Mystery
The Shimmer
The Strain
Cutting for Stone
Woman With Birthmark
The Year of the Flood
The Case of the Missing Servant
The Crossing Places
The Redeemer
Romance SF Thriller
Ashes of Midnight
An Echo in the Bone
Highland Rebel
The Empress of Mars
In the Courts of the Sun
Julian Comstock
Blood Safari
The Secret Speech
Trust No One
Biography Environment General
We Two
Wilderness Warrior
Earth Talk
Eating Animals
Hope for Animals and Their World
Bad Mother
Horse Soldiers
You are Here
Honeymoon in Tehran
Tokyo Vice
Chapter Books Picture Books Teens
Alvin Ho: Allergic to Camping, Hiking, and Other Natural Disasters
Carolina Harmony
Blueberry Girl
The Sleepy Little Alphabet
Through Endangered Eyes
Alyzon Whitestarr
Book of Samuel

Find more book gift suggestions in our many previous Holiday Columns. And if we missed some of your own favorites for 2009, please email and tell us about them.

All of us at BookLoons wish you and yours the happiest of holidays,
with a healthy, joyous, prosperous and peaceful 2010 to follow!!

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