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BookLoons Recommended Reads 2008
by Hilary Williamson

It's snowing hard outside and not for the first time either! The calendar - that has been accelerating since my first son was born - is moving even faster as my to-do lists for the holidays grow as long as Santa's naughty-and-nice list.

Fortunately, my pile of book gifts for friends and family is growing just as fast. If you also have readers to buy for, here are BookLoons' annual recommendations of the best of the year (limited to three per genre with gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair). These are mainly hardcovers - have a look at our Recommended Reads 2007 to find excellent titles likely to have been published in paperback this year.

Contemporary Fantasy Historical
The Appeal
The Girl With No Shadow
She Was
An Autumn War
Half a Crown
The Hidden City
Dreamers of the Day
Lady Macbeth
The Rosetta Key
Horror Literary Mystery
The Chameleon's Shadow
Duma Key
The Gypsy Morph
Now You See Him
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
The Draining Lake
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Likeness
Romance SF Thriller
Just Desserts
Kushiel's Mercy
Scream For Me
Sly Mongoose
Victory Conditions
Child 44
Hold Tight
The Whole Truth
Biography Coffee Table General
The Art of Learning
Greetings From Bury Park
Marie-Thérèse, Child of Terror
Beyond the Great Wall
The Owl and the Woodpecker
Smithsonian Ocean
Abraham’s Curse
Among the Cannibals
Disappearing Destinations
A Voyage Long and Strange
Chapter Books Picture Books Teens
Akimbo and the Baboons
Curse of the Night Wolf
How to Twist a Dragon's Tale
Goodnight Goon
Mammoth Pie
Breaking Dawn
Girl Overboard
Find more book gift suggestions in our many previous Holiday Columns. All of us at BookLoons wish you and your loved ones Happy Holidays, and a healthy, peaceful and joyous 2009 to follow!!

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