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BookLoons Recommended Reads 2002
by Hilary Williamson

Do you plan to give books as holiday gifts this year? Looking for suggestions? Here are some recommendations from our reviewers of books (across genres) that we found most memorable in 2002. Those marked with are novels we consider truly outstanding.

Our selection of favorites has been kept (with difficulty) to four or five hardcover and paperback titles per genre - listed below in alphabetical order of titles. We hope that you find something here to your own liking!

Recommended Hardcover Releases

These excellent reads were released in hardcover this year:

Contemporary Fantasy Historical
Captain Saturday
The Lovely Bones

Sea Glass
Three Daughters
Child of the Prophecy
Lady of the Sorrows
The Witch Queen
December 6
Henderson's Spear
The Soul Thief
The Tapestries
Mystery Non-Fiction Romance
A Fearsome Doubt
The Last Temptation
Mortal Allies
The Resurrectionists
The Survivors Club
The Ghost with Trembling Wings
Like Sound Through Water
Who Owns History?
Breathing Room
The Crush
Nights in Rodanthe
One-Hit Wonder
Talking to Addison
SF Teens Travel
Dark Light
Diplomatic Immunity
The Excalibur Alternative
The Sky So Big And Black
Abu and the Seven Marvels
The Arctic Incident
Cold Fire
The Scream
Vampire Mountain
Blue Latitudes
The Lobster Chronicles
West of Kabul, East of New York

Recommended Paperbacks

We highly recommend these 2002 paperback releases:

Contemporary Fantasy Historical
The Cheese Monkeys
The Hours
Kinship Theory
Martin Sloane
Scarlet Feather
American Gods
The Last Hero
Carter Beats the Devil
Falling Angels

The Good German
The Wind Done Gone
Mystery Non-Fiction Romance
Death in Holy Orders
The Red Room
Total Recall
A Traitor to Memory
Water Touching Stone
Banvard's Folly
An Open Heart
Savage Beauty
Seldom Disappointed
A Bend in the Road
The Forest Lord
Out of Control
Passing through Paradise
SF Teens Travel
Kingdom of Cages
Look To Windward
Probability Moon
Crown Duel
Ear, the Eye, and the Arm
It's Our World, Too!
Spindle's End
You Know You Love Me
Crescent & Star
French Lessons
The Moon Pulled up an Acre of Bass
Tales of a Female Nomad

If we missed any of your favorite reads for 2002, please drop us a line with the titles and authors - we'd love to add them to our own holiday reading lists!

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