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BookLoons Recommended Reads 2001
by Hilary Williamson

Looking for gift ideas in books released this year? I polled our reviewers to see what they would recommend as the best of BookLoons 2001 reading, across genres. These were our favorites (limited, with difficulty, to three hardcover and three paperback titles per genre).

Recommended Hardcover Releases

These great reads were released in hardcover this year:

Contemporary Fantasy Historical
The Cheese Monkeys
The Evidence Against Her
Postmodern Pooh
The Onion Girl
Thief of Time
Carter Beats the Devil
The Wolf Pit
Mystery Non-Fiction Romance
Hang My Head and Cry
A Traitor to Memory
An Open Heart
John Adams
A Bend in the Road
Open Season
SF Teens Travel
Look To Windward
Artemis Fowl
The Skies of Pern
The Vampire's Assistant
Crescent & Star
French Lessons
Tales of a Female Nomad

Recommended Paperbacks

These wonderful novels were paperback releases in 2001:

Contemporary Fantasy Historical
Anil's Ghost
Blackberry Wine
Blind Assassin
Lord of Emperors
Mendoza in Hollywood
The Telling
The Angel and the Sword
English Passengers
Mystery Non-Fiction Romance
Legacy of the Dead
The Skull Mantra
True Justice
An American Story
Fighting Terrorism
Betrayal in Death
Over The Edge
Secret of the Wolf
SF Teens Travel
Blind Waves
Tangled Up In Blue
Time Future
The Amber Spyglass
Arthur: The Seeing Stone
A Garden In Lucca
Honeymoon In Purdah
In A Sunburned Country

If we missed any books that you believe qualify as best reads of the year, please drop us a line and share the titles and authors with us - we'd love to add them to our holiday reading lists!

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