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BookLoons Birthday
By Hilary Williamson

Loons drift on the lake
Light on stained glass
Dawn drawn

BookLoons was launched in November 2000 (see On Books and Loons) and our reviewers have been reading (and writing) steadily ever since. Thanks to Angela Landreth, Anise Hollingshead, Christine Webster, G. Hall, Marian Powell, Martina Bexte, Mary Ann Smyth, Sally Selvadurai, Theresa Ichino, and Wesley Williamson for helping to write almost four hundred and fifty reviews and forty columns since we started. We all appreciate the excellent selection of review copies of books that have been sent by both publishers and individual authors.

To express my appreciation to all the visitors who have dropped in this year, I am giving away a (second hand published in 1932 by W. & R. Chambers, London) hardcover edition of one of my all-time favorite books, Blackcock's Feather by Maurice Walsh, who also wrote The Quiet Man. A draw will be held on November 30th. If you would like to enter, send an email to The winner's name will be published on our Columns page in December, and they will be contacted by email.

The site has gone through regular seasonal refurbishing over the year. Some of its past incarnations are shown below -a special thanks to my husband Serge Fournier for designing them and dabbling in databases, styles, stats, and other such stuff which keeps the site manageable. Dellhost have done a great job in keeping it accessible.

Wishing everyone a loony year of great reading &
hoping that we may live in less interesting times!

Contest Update: Congratulations to Kim Westgaard of Illinois, who won Blackcock's Feather by Maurice Walsh in our Birthday Draw!!
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