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November 2007: 7th BookLoons Birthday
by Hilary Williamson

The still silver lake
Mirrors a sleek sunset sky ...
Jewels below and on high

Just as a calm lake surface mirrors and deepens the jewelled hues that fill the sky in those magical moments when the sun sets, so do books often reflect - and deepen - our own thoughts and ideas, returning them to us sharper, and often better understood as well as articulated. Reading a reviewer's commentary on a book also gives us insights - from the aspects they address and what they say - into the individual as well as the book they have just read.

Celebrating BookLoons' seventh (surely a propitious number!) birthday made me reflect on the wonderful group of reviewers I've had the pleasure of working with - and getting to know a little through their emails and reviews - over the years. Some were already decades-old friends, while I have never met others in person, but we have all participated in this modern phenomenon of electronic friendship. As well as recommending must reads to each other, we've shared amusing happenings, children's successes, the loss of parents, and the myriad of ongoing joys and sorrows that are part of the great tapestry of life (to quote another old friend). This electronic community has certainly enriched my life, something for which I am very thankful.

Those of us loons who live in Canada, and have already enjoyed stuffing our turkeys and ourselves, wish our southern friends and colleagues - as well as the publicists who keep our book piles tottering and all who mouse their way to BookLoons on the web to share our pleasure in reading - joyful reunions with family and friends, and much happiness for Thanksgiving. Don't forget to take a look at our past Holiday Roundups, and watch out for additional festive features in the coming weeks ... and Happy 7th Birthday BookLoons!
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