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Editorial November 2003
3rd BookLoons Birthday
By Hilary Williamson

Loon wings lift up high
Ripple nest fades from the lake
Eyes search a clear sky

BookLoons is three years old this month, and a birthday haiku has become a tradition around here ... have a look at our previous ones in On Books & Loons, BookLoons Birthday, and BookLoons 2nd Birthday. This year's haiku reflects both a recent loss and the yearly southern migration of geese and loons that fills our skies with drama during this Fall season.

Thanks, as always, to a growing group of Reviewers for their friendship, support, and steady contributions to our book reviews and columns (2500 so far); to all the publishers, publicists, and authors who have made such an excellent selection of books available to us for review and contests; and to my husband for invaluable ongoing assistance with site infrastructure. If you're reading this, a hundred thousand welcomes to you, and thanks for visiting BookLoons (at close to 2000, our number of daily visitors has almost doubled since last year) and a special thanks to those of you who order books through our affiliate links, and so help with site costs.

As the busy holiday season approaches, all of us at BookLoons wish you and your family peace, happiness and joyful celebrations, whatever your faith ...

Contentment wears the hues of joy (Shakespeare)
Peace is liberty in tranquility (Cicero)

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