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Which Planet Is Your Favorite?
By Hilary S. Daninhirsch

Let's explore the planets
Way up in the sky.
If we get a tailwind
To Saturn we can fly.

Look how close we've gotten
To those balls of gas.
Which ones shall we visit?
And which ones shall we pass?

Neptune's way too windy;
Mercury too hot;
Jupiter is freckly;
It has a giant spot!

Pluto's way too distant;
Venus way too bright;
Mars may have some Martians
(I'm not sure if they bite).

Rings encircle Saturn
Like a Redwood tree.
Living on Uranus
Would be too cold for me.

If I had to choose one,
I would go with Earth:
The solar system champ,
The planet of my birth!

Earth is full of water,
Oxygen galore!
Earth is where you'll find me.
Of that you can be sure!

Note: The author, Hilary S. Daninhirsch, retains all rights to this poem.
And thanks to NASA for the use of the images of planets.

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